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Terms & Conditions

September 2021

Outlined below are various statements requiring your agreement. Please read carefully, then sign and date to acknowledge your understanding. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions if you are unsure about any of the points mentioned below.

​Fees and Payments

  • A £100 deposit is required per family prior to your child/ children starting with us. This will be refunded when your child leaves 4-11’s Afterschools Club and all invoices are up to date. Bank details will be requested, and this will be refunded on the 1st of the following month. Eg if your child’s last day is 5th April you will receive your deposit on 1st May.
  • Invoices will be sent out at the beginning of each calendar month and fees are due no later than last banking day of each calendar month by childcare vouchers, tax free childcare or bank transfer and should be referenced clearly with your child/ children’s name.

Bank Details

  • Claire McConnell T/A After School Club – as per invoice or as previously set up.
  • 14 days credit applies after payment is due. If payment is not made by then we will be unable to continue childcare before or after school.
  • Additional sessions will be added to your next upcoming invoice and therefore calculated in arrears.
  • If your child does not attend due to sickness, Covid 19 isolation or any other reason normal fee still applies.
  • If collection from school is not required, you must contact the club between 7.00-8.30am – 02893 354462/ 02893 340607. After this time contact Claire on 07812 043644.
  • Fees during term time are calculated by the hour. (Half hourly rates are not available.) If your collection time is, for example 5pm, you will have up to 5.05pm to collect your child. After this, an additional hour will be charged. The same principal applies for drop off at the club. If your child arrives over 5 minutes early for their session an additional hour will be charged.
  • Each session must be a minimum of 2 hours. Eg, if your child attends from 2pm-3pm 2 hours will still be charged.
  • Where possible we try to accommodate all primary school, after school activities. With five schools to cover this is not always possible. Please let us know changes to times or activity timetables as soon as possible as extra staff and transportation are required to cover these pick-ups. Your normal collection time fee will still apply from eg, 2.00pm/ 3.00pm.
  • We do not charge for transportation to/ from school.
  • If your child/ children do not attend over the summer months a retainer is not required. Advance notice of this arrangement is essential or you will be charged your term time rate as a minimum.
  • Holiday/ School closures are charged at half day or full days rate only as outlined in the fees list.
  • Holiday booking forms will be released in advance. We will require these back by the date stated. What you have booked on these forms is what you will be charged as the club needs to pre organise staff and staff annual leave well in advance. You should keep a copy as confirmation. If your child does not attend a day previously booked, you will still be charged for that session.
  • If you only require occasional care this is calculated at a different rate outlined on the fees list. Occasional care is when your child attends 10 hours or less in a four week period.
  • All prices include breakfast, morning snack, lunch and/ or afternoon snack. Children should however bring a packed lunch when we are on an outing that takes place over lunch time. Advance notice will be given when this occurs via Whatsapp. Please note you should not send anything that needs heated.
  • During holidays/ school closures day trips may incur an additional charge to help cover entry fees etc. Advance notice will be given. This can be paid the morning of the trip. If you do not send payment on the day of the trip this will then be added to your next invoice.
  • The club closes at 6pm. Late collection may incur at £10 fee which goes to the two members of staff who wait with your child.
  • When the club is closed –no charge applies.
  • If you are on holidays normal rate at club still applies. Days/hours cannot be accumulated and used at a later date. Days may be changed in same week if we have availability and notice is given.
  • If you wish to decrease the number of sessions or length of sessions permanently 2 weeks notice of this change is required.
  • If you wish to leave the club, one months’ notice should be given and all fees paid in full.
  • If severe weather conditions force school closures, the club will also close, for health and safety reasons. We will try and give as much notice as possible.
  • Fees will be refunded if this is the case.
  • Fees will be reviewed annually and 2 months notification will be given of any increase or changes to fee structures. However, fees may still need to be reviewed in a different time scale eg increased running costs/ government imposed costs.

4-11’s Policies and Procedures

  • We ask that you take time to read all shared policies and procedures and ask any questions if not understood. A policy and procedure acknowledgement form should be agreed and signed.

Inappropriate behaviour

  • Inappropriate behaviour by children, parents or carers, such as verbal or physical abuse towards employees, children or other facility users will result in your place at the club being withdrawn with immediate affect.

Claire McConnell